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The United States, far the biggest economy, spent 3.6 percent last year, while Germany, the second biggest, paid out just 1.2 percent and only a handful of countries met the 2 percent target. Trump told leaders he wanted them all to hit that target by January, prompting consternation. Many have already settled their 2019 budgets and the sums involved are immense — even if they wanted to, many would struggle to make useful purchases. Merkel told reporters there followed a discussion with assurances to Trump that spending was increasing — something he later acknowledged was happening at an unprecedented rate. “The American president demanded what has been discussed for months, that there is a change in the burden sharing,” Merkel said. “I made clear that we are on this path. And that this is in our own interests and that it will make us stronger.” Asked when exactly the allies would now reach their two percent of GDP target, Trump said it would over the coming years. Macron said France, which last year spent 1.8 percent on defense, would meet the target by the 2024 deadline. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who like the summit host, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, was singled out in the room by Trump for spending less that 1 percent of GDP on defense, said Madrid would also meet the target by 2024. “We have a very powerful, very strong NATO, much stronger than it was two days ago,” Trump said.

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Japan's PM set to sign off on casino bill this month -

Japan The Japanese Diet, which typically breaks in June, extended its session through July for the purpose of seeking approval of the bill, as well as a few others. Without government approval, the casino industry won’t ever see daylight in the country. Abe, who heads the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), made his remarks in conjunction with Natsuo Yamaguchi, who heads the Komeito coalition party. The IRIB is expected to be discussed again on Friday in the upper house during a plenary session and, from there, could make it to the upper house’s Committee on Cabinet, a legislative body that deals with matters presented by Japan’s Cabinet Office. The ruling parties are expected to introduce a resolution on the IRIB on July 19 for subsequent delivery to the upper chamber before the end of the extended session. The lower chamber, the House of Representatives, successfully passed the bill on June 19 after some last minute opposition . The same day that that Abe made his remarks, another piece of legislation, the Basic Bill on Gambling Addiction Countermeasures, was also introduced to the upper house, or the House of Councillors. An anti-addiction bill is expected to be approved by tomorrow and will provide the legal framework through which regulation on the subject can be added. An anti-addiction bill has been considered a prerequisite for the approval of the IRIB. The current parliamentary session was extended on June 20 after an agreement was reached by the ruling coalition.

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